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Where art meets function 

The ‘Kyma Series’ draws inspiration from the graceful, unrestricted movement of soft fabrics, crafting a design language that infuses flat surfaces with fluidic beauty through open curves.This unique design language empowers users to define their own functionality and usage, blurring the lines between furniture and art.

Intelligently designed yet fiercely individualistic, the ‘Kyma Series’ transcends furniture into the realm of art. It speaks for itself, delving into the intentional use of materials with transparency and purposefulness.

Breaking free from predefined usability, this collection champions personal expression and creative autonomy.

The doubly curved surface captivates the eye whilst also enhancing the overall structural stability; creating an illusion of weightlessness and elegance. In the absence of horizontal load bearing members, the forms appear to effortlessly float, evoking an ethereal sense of wonder. 

Our KYMA series is furniture reimagined. It’s a symphony of fluidity and artistry, where boundaries fade, and creative autonomy soars.


WINNER, Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture & Design 2018

WINNER, Lexus Design Awards 2021

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KYMA series

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