[WAVE series]

The convergence of visual elegance and visual disruption

The ‘WAVE’ series is a result of us embracing our artistic spirit to liberate furniture from functional constraints, helping it emerge as spellbinding pieces of art. Iconic, expressive and curvaceous, this collection embodies our pursuit of creating something unburdened by conventional furniture norms. It is an expression of freedom in its most literal sense. 

Although artistry takes precedence in this series, it is the structural integrity of each design which helps us push boundaries to achieve striking and innovative outcomes. At the first glance, the pieces of this collection enthrall the eye by their fluid form, often overshadowing the underlying structural tension.

This series unleashes our need to create something sexy and striking, without being confined to traditional building blocks.

The WAVE series is a form of visual poetry. One that pulls you in, mesmerizes, intrigues and excites you to dwell longer in its presence.


WAVE bench

WINNER, Lexus Design Awards 2019

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WAVE series

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