[EDGE series]

A touch of architectural joy and structural bravery. 

Our EDGE series sees us directly inspiring from our architectural journey, showcasing a profound structural boldness that only those with a deep understanding of form and function can achieve. We embrace folding metal fearlessly, unleashing and celebrating its inherent beauty. The resulting furniture exudes transparency and a captivating ‘what you see is what you get’ quality.

To achieve remarkable structural stability, we have artfully corrugated the metal, deploying a different approach to design thinking for each furniture design. The materials used in this series are chosen for their unique structural properties, elevating this collection into the realm of architectural joy.

‘EDGE’ is precisely what the name suggests – edgy, sharp, and boldly innovative, yet never overbearing. Each piece is a testament to both our creative side and logic driven precision. This collection is an ode to our scattered design process which converges into diligent designs. 

Within our EDGE series, you will find showstoppers that humbly command attention, leaving no secrets to hide and inviting admiration for their raw, unapologetic allure.


NOMINATED, Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture & Design 2018

NOMINATED, Lexus Design Awards 2021

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EDGE series

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