[RAY series]

An interplay of lights and solids; traversing years of conformity

Gone are the days of a light bulb imprisoned within a lifeless shell. The RAY series sets out to reimagine the way we perceive and integrate lighting elements into our living spaces. Meticulously crafted, this collection aims to liberate lighting from its conventional role; making it an integral and vibrant part of your home décor from the outset.

At the heart of our crafting process lies the time-honored lathe technique, molding birch wood and acrylic into a mesmerizing interplay of light and solids. This deconstructive transformation of a whole into slices of light and solid allows us to remodel basic forms like cylinders, cones and funnels into awe-inspiring objects through which light permeates, to cast an ethereal glow. The result is a visual language that flows seamlessly, without any distinct beginning or end.

This collection celebrates individuality within a cohesive design language, akin to a family of genotypes sharing a common thread while boasting distinctive characteristics. These lights transcend traditional expectations, breaking free from singular functions to become compelling works of art.

The RAY series invites you to defy convention with every flicker of light, awaken your inner artist and step into a world where lighting takes center stage.



Ray bench

WINNER, Lexus Design Awards 2019

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RAY series

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